Driving You Bush

Trip Photos

14TH MAY, 2016

Attendees: Andrew Phillips, Amanda Newton, Tony Fanetti, George and Annice Henderson, Dennis and Diane McAuliffe, Ray and Jan Hankinson, Ray’s sister and brother-in-law and Rob Venables.

The big convoy (3 vehicles) for the quiz night left Armadale for the trip to Pumphries Bridge at 12:15 hours. I would also like to add that the Trip Leader Rob Venables receives a phone call from Amanda at 11:30 hours to ask where the convoy is leaving from and at what time. For those that don’t know, Amanda lives in South Geraldton (Ellenbrook). The Trip Leader being a wise man knew that he was being set up for a pay back on a phone call from a previous trip where he told the said person that the trip was cancelled due to bad weather.

The trip down was pleasant with not a lot of traffic. We had to make a stop at North Bannister so Amanda could use the amenities and her and Tony could get some lunch. We then continued on our merry way to Pumphries Bridge.

We arrived at Pumphries Bridge around 13:30 hours to find the Social Committee members going about their secret squirrel in regards to the adults’ Christmas party. After the usual hellos and catch up chats and trying to see if they might let a clue slip out about the location of the Christmas party, we set about setting up our camps.

I seem to remember on the flyer for the quiz night it asked everyone attending to bring a donation of firewood for the campfire. Just as well the Trip Leader (he’s a top bloke) packed his chainsaw. After about an hour’s work we had ourselves enough firewood for the night.

Around 15:30 hours the Peel 4x4 club members started rolling in and setting up their camp sites.

Around 18:00 hours the Armadale club members made their way to the hall armed with snacks, beverages and let’s go and have a good time attitude. Peel made up two teams and Armadale had two teams entered for the quiz night. Armadale Academics consisted of George, Annice, Dennis, Diane, Ray H and Ray’s sister and brother-in law and Armadale Riff Raff consisting of Andrew, Amanda, Tony and Rob.

The night kicked off with a raffle. Rays’ sister was asked to draw a ticket out of a container and who ticket should she draw out none other than her brothers - now he has a brand new snatch strap to go with his new Toyota ute.

Now, it was time to get down to business and start answering questions about WA. There were 10 rounds of questions and a lot of blank looks on some people’s faces with some of the questions asked. Throughout the night there were prizes given away, raffles and a lot of fun being had by all. About the half way point of the night there was a $5.00 raffle for a 22’ light bar. I can’t remember who drew the ticket (gees I must be getting old). Bugger me dead, George’s ticket is drawn out. So all I can say is Armadale members did quite well!

As to who won the quiz the two Peel teams came first and second and just let me say the Armadale Riff Raff’s who only had 4 members managed to beat the Armadale Academics who had 7 members who had a lot more years of knowledge amongst them.

After the quiz night finished it was time to head for the campfire and warm up. Everybody gathered around the campfire and there was a great atmosphere with everyone sharing stories and generally having as good time. As the night drew on the numbers got less and less with the last person going to bed at 00:45 hours.

I would like to thank the Peel 4X4 club for organising this event - a good time was had by all.

Rob Venables.