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Beverley Farm Trip Weekend (BALLY BALLY FARM)

8th to 10th April 2016

Attendees: Earle Lawrence & Susan Savage
Bob & Janet Smith
Trevor & Wendy Desmond
Ray & Jan Hankinson

Everyone was on time and we left the meeting point at around 2.15pm on the Friday afternoon. A casual run out to the farm at Bally Bally, without stopping at the bakery in Beverley (all watching our waistlines, ha ha), had us arriving with plenty of time to set up camp before dusk.

As the sun headed towards the horizon, we lit the fire, enjoyed nibbles and a drink or two. We all enjoyed our dinner at the farmhouse table, returning to the fire later in the evening.

Saturday morning started with a cooked breakfast and a chat about the day’s work. We were all in the paddock planting sandalwood seed/nuts onto the host acacias by 9.30am. At around 11.00am I called a morning tea break after a fantastic run of planting by all. We move pretty quick for a bunch of old ……..’s.
The ladies had prepared all manner of irresistible goodies, so much for the waistline!

An hour and a half later and all of the area, about 10 acres, that hadn’t been planted out before, was now complete. There are about 1,500 acacia hosts in that area. After a late lunch we infill planted several kms of rows where previous seeding hadn’t germinated.

As dusk approached, Susan called stumps and set about ferrying our weary workers back to camp. A rain shower earlier in the day gave a glimmer of what was to come. As the fire ignited the darkened sky was lit with flashes of lightning. We all opted to have the barbecue at the house. Skipworth Reds dominated the dinner table.

Susan and I are very grateful for the efforts of our guests, the equivalent of 8 days work in 1. Absolutely fantastic!

Earle & Susan