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The Great Crab Scoop 2016
Trip Report
8-10th Jan 2016

Well it was that time again as we run our usual crabbing trip down at Herron point.
Only this time the Waroona fires were going to play havoc with our planning.

As most members were still on holidays, myself included most decided to try and get in an extra day or 2, with Andrew being the first one there on the Wednesday. I had planned to get there for Thursday afternoon.
With the fires still actively burning away and constantly changing direction, one minute the trip was on the next it was off.

Andrew had reported that they were letting campers in if going to Herron Pt as the Forrest and South west Highway both closed at Pinjarra.
So we decided to give it a go and head down early Friday morning, Peter & Judy being the first ones to hit Pinjarra and were told no one was getting thru now as the lake Clifton area was now under serious threat.

Pete and Judy suggested a caravan park nearby, so some frantic rushing around and many phone calls by the trip leaders, we managed to get into the Dawesville caravan park just over the cut bridge.
The manager there was very accommodating as she managed to squeeze us in on 5 sites. So thanks to those that still made the effort to attend even after the late notice.

So most arrived thru out the day on Friday. I must make mention of a fine for one of our members, he arrived literally just before us and started to set up his camper but one of the clips didn’t quite clear the locking clip so has he started to wind up the camper a loud bang was heard, it was later discovered that the wind up cable and support leg had snapped, so nothing he could do other than take the camper home and tell his wife the bad news…. (guess who ???)
Once everyone was settled in and camps set up, a few of us decided to go have a night scoop down at the estuary, unfortunately the water was very murky and we couldn’t see a damn thing.
So the decision was made to try first thing in the morning at 6am
Back to camp for a quick night cap and bed…

Sat morn 6am, the keen scoopers myself, Trev D, Pete & Judy, Paul and the Phipps that joined us later hit the water in search of a feed of crabs.
Well nearly 3 hours later and a catch of approx. 30 including a small haul from the “SS Tony” we were back at camp and getting the crab cookers fired up to cook the crabs.

There were some very excited crab eaters busily hoeing into the catch, by all accounts there were delicious.
I must make note of the facilities at the caravan park, they have this massive camp kitchen fully equipped with gas BBQ’s, pizza oven, hot plate, toaster, kettle fridge, freezer and best of all a gas crab cooker (although this took quite an effort to get going, so we used Tony’s ring burner and big pot). They even had a freezer to put your scraps in, how good is that…

So the rest of the day was spent lazing around doing your own thing.
So a few of us decided to go have a fish late afternoon on the beach at Tim’s Thicket, so off we set.
We arrived at the air down point and did the usual it’s been quite some time since I drove this track last and I had forgotten how long and windy it was, it definitely takes a lot longer to hit the beach than from white hills rd. entrance.
Any way on the beach now looking for a suitable spot to cast a line, spot found, everyone busy rigging up, it’s quite windy down here. So we persevere for about an hour and decide not much action here so we head back for an early dinner and get ready for another night scoop.

Dinner underway and I’ve sent the word out for those wanting to try again for some crabs that the bus will be leaving shortly.
We try a different spot tonight; the water is still murky but worth a try, so after about an hour, time is called and only a handful of crabs were caught. Back to camp now to settle in for the night.

Sunday morning 6am and the die-hards are ready to go again, now there was a noticeable absentee and I thought this quite strange as Mr D. is an avid crab scooper and rarely misses the opportunity to go scooping for crabs, I tried knocking on the van door, calling out but all to no avail.

So leaving him behind, we set off for the last scoop before the big pack up. A good few hours was spent walking the estuary in search of more crabs. Eventually time was called and we headed in to see who got their quota. John, myself 10 ea., Pete 7 Judy 4-5. So everyone had some to take home.
Back to camp for a hearty breaky of bacon and eggs, a quick shower and then the dreaded pack up to head home (the worst part of any trip).
Once everyone was packed up and said there goodbyes it was home time back to Perth.

Liz and I would like to thanks all that came along especially after the last minute change of venue. Hope all enjoyed themselves and look forward to seeing you all on the next trip.

Trev & Liz…