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RUSHTON PARK 10TH December 2017

George & Annice Henderson, Jan & Ray Hankinson,
Dennis & Diane McAuliffe, Elizabeth & Trevor Harding, Andrew Phillips & Lynette Meller,Thomas Phillips, Dave Whittaker & Hayley, Cherrill and Ian Smith, Alex And Helen Smith, Mick and Helen Brokas, Adam and Kathryn Phillips, Jarrad Phillips, Amanda Newton and Tony, Sandra and Glen McDougall,
Brett & Desiree Murray,Elaine and Amelia Murray, Horrie DeAbreu, Jacob, Aleeya and Carlo DeAbreu, Jodie Richards Tyler and Oliver Richards

14 Adult Visitors and 16 Children visitors

Once again our numbers were the highest ever thanks to our new members attending and bringing visitors and Grand Children Well done all – and keep up the good work of adding to the number of children

Was a very hot day – thank goodness for the water games – not sure who enjoyed the water pistols more or who ended up the most wet but think parents, grandparents and children enjoyed every minute of it.

Fishing game was also enjoyed with a few ending up in the pool!! Ducks and boats were supposed to be the only ones in the pool but little and big people managed to change places with the ducks and boats

I believe Gum Boots are harder to throw than expected – well done to all those who managed to “pitch” them

Quoits appear to have been a challenge – not many able to lob them over the stick

Lots of pizzas purchased this year but not to much left and then everyone seem to enjoy the watermelon

Then it was time for the Junior Clubman’s Award with Aleeya DeAbreu winning the trophy. Well done Aleeya – nice to have you and your brothers on the trips and to have you pitch in and help when required

After the presentation it was time for that jolly old man in the red suit to pay us a visit
All the children seemed pleased with the gifts received and lollies then it was ice-cream time

Well done Ray – car fridge worked well as a freezer and kept the ice-creams nice and cold

Many thanks to Diane, Elizabeth and the others who helped with the day and Andrew for once again driving me to Domino’s to collect the pizzas

Look forward to seeing you all next year

Thanks also to George for his efforts

Jan Hankinson