Driving You Bush

Trip Photos

Greenhills Inn

2nd December 2017

George & Annice Henderson, Jan & Ray Hankinson,
Dennis & Diane McAuliffe, Bob & Janet Smith, Trevor & Wendy Desmond, Elizabeth & Trevor Harding, Andrew Phillips & Lynette Meller, John & Andrea Padley, Judy & Peter Baker, Dave Whittaker & Hayley, George and Tanya Sims, Earle Lawrence and Susan Savage, Cherrill and Ian Smith, Alex And Helen Smith, Mick and Helen Brokas, Adam and Kathryn Phillips, Michael and Julie Clode, Peter Perryman and Kath, Amanda Newton, Sandra and Glen McDougall, Brett & Desiree Murray,

What a great turn out we had – most ever- total of 41 attended. This was due to new members in the club and really great that they chose to attend – Hope they will come again next year

Weekend began with 6 vehicles arriving on Friday afternoon and a very pleasant afternoon was spent in the Inn and continued on with 12 of us being very lazy and
having our evening meal in the Inn. Had to wait a little but was well worth the wait. Food was great
A few kicked on after but others headed for bed
due to a busy day coming up on the Saturday.

Ray and I were up early and headed over to the Armadale Farmers Market area to work out how things should be set up Peter and Judy joined us followed by a few others and all was set up prior to the convoy arriving.
Most of the convoy headed for the Inn for a few ales and lunch.

Games commenced at 3pm – was very hot but thankfully most joined in

Trendy’s arrived and set up their stall – thanks for contributions to Armadale funds from Mrs. Trendy
and also takings from Mrs. Janet Smith from sale of her homemade lemonade Well done ladies

Other stalls were fruit skewers, corn on the baby q and small sausages in buns. Thanks to Ray and Alex for doing the cooking

Games involved “chocolate wheel” run by Judy and Peter Baker – thanks for their efforts – if you didn’t like your prize blame them and of course me – took some thinking to come up with your delightful gifts!!!!

Mr. Trendy organized the croquet – thanks Trev and Elizabeth made sure no one cheated with the horseshoe throwing – thanks to Cherrill Smith for sourcing these. Trevor Harding was in charge of the Gum boot throwing – some have a terrific arm but not much direction. Thanks Trevor for your help and Peter Perryman was in charge of the pony rides – thanks Peter

We had some wonderful animals attend and these were the great work of Mrs. Trendy - thanks Wendy

Hope everyone enjoyed this part of the afternoon

Then it was back to camp to have a little rest!!!! And then head to the function center for sherry and Hors d’oeuvres Everyone looked resplendent in their Christmas gear and black ties Very evident that there were brothers in attendance – must shop at the same shop!

Once the main meal and dessert was served we were treated to the event of the evening

Four “beautiful” debutantes. Janet Smith, Cherrill Smith, the fallen Wendy Desmond and our overactive debutante Annice Henderson These debutantes were supported by their husbands Bob, Ian, Trevor and George
My very special thanks to all of the debutante’s and their husbands. I was surprised how well they accepted my idea and ran with it. Thanks to you all
Also, a thanks to Elizabeth and Trevor for the role they played in our skit

Another special thanks to my long-suffering husband Ray
I couldn’t carry out the events I undertake with out his support. He does do a bit of grizzling but he loads his ute up with all the gear required, goes and collects items for me and is a general sounding block for my ideas Thanks Ray for your support

We had a “guessing game” at the tables during our meal and I was surprised not many could work out what was in the parcels. Best score was 3 and there were 6 people who scored that amount Will have to make it easier next time!!!!

24 attended breakfast next morning and then all packed up and headed home

Do hope you all enjoyed your weekend – now have to think of somewhere for next year – watch this space

Jan Hankinson