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Hawaiian at Highbury

26th November 2016

Something different this year - took some time and effort to put together but all seemed to go well

We were not sure about the smorgasbord but from comments received everyone was happy with the change – think we all become a little “sick” of the normal Christmas Fare.

One main problem was that it was very hot during the day but absolutely perfect for sitting outside under the trees at night. Annice (with George’s help) had put in a lot of work and effort to present the theme we were after and the venue looked great with the fairy lights, tea lights, ivy, table centers and all the other extras Annice brought along. Diane also had contributed her “bits and pieces” for the evening, as did yours truly.

Have sent a special thanks to Lionel, Tracey and staff at the Highbury for their efforts

Think those who visited “Lionel’s Lair” were impressed with Lionel’s collection and those who breakfasted at the little shop were happy with the food served.

It was great that all took part in the Hawaiian theme – as those who attended know Wendy brought along her “sister” not sure if he/she was Titiana or Tatiana but certainly was well endowed and impressed everyone with his/her “thong throwing” ability.

Julie Clode was taken with the hoop twirling and was seen at various times with all hoops falling gracefully to the ground – not sure that with all the practice that Julie improved but it certainly kept her busy for the night. Janet Smith was the winner with the hoop – think she must have been practicing prior. Ray and I purchased a hoop to practice but sadly didn’t do us any good!

Now the thinking caps are on for Adults Christmas 2017. Won’t be as elaborate as 2016 – we are becoming worn out but you can be sure lots of thought will go into it – frankly we can’t help ourselves! Only problem is that Diane has decided to step down which we are very sorry about but thank her for her grand efforts over the past year.

Jan Hankinson
For Social Committee

George & Annice Henderson, Jan and Ray Hankinson, Dennis & Diane McAuliffe, Bob & Janet Smith, Trevor & Wendy Desmond, Elizabeth & Trevor Harding, Andrew Phillips, John & Andrea Padley, Dave Whittaker & Hailey, Peter Perryman, George & Tanya Sims, Earle Lawrence and Susan Savage, Peter & Annette De Boer, Lynne & Llew Purcell, Amanda Newton & Tony, Sandra and Glen McDougall, Brett Murray, Michael & Julie Clode