Driving You Bush

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PARTICIPANTS: Trevor & Wendy Desmond
Bob & Jan Smith
Ray & Jan Hankinson
Glen & Sandra McDougall
Horrie, Jacob, Aleeya & Carlo
George & Annice Henderson

VISITORS: Michael & Saffia Schmidt
Myles Desmond
Ian & Cherrill Smith

Just after lunch on Thursday 2nd, Wendy, Trevor and our grandson Myles set off for Herron Point in 3 vehicles, loaded up with crab scoops and camping gear. After paying our fees for 2 nights we spread ourselves out as far as possible to try to save as many campsites as possible as you are unable to book sites. For the next 24 hours we pretended not to notice the questioning looks we received from countless vans and campers that were pouring in through the gates that evening and all day Friday. Thankfully Bob & Jan arrived about 2.30pm on Friday with their caravan and this allowed us to save some more space. Soon after, Glen & Sandra arrived and selected a shady spot nearby. Just before 7pm, in expectation of the convoy arriving we moved our Gazebo and vehicle to clear the way for the 2 caravans (Ray & Jan and Ian & Cherrill). Thanks very much to Ray & Jan who led the convoy for us. Sorry to hear about the mishap. Horrie and the children found a tent site close by and began working as a team to set up camp. Good to see the children willingly helping dad. We set up our Gazebo, and Glen and Sandra’s, together to make a nice shelter under which we spent many hours over the next 2 days.

Everyone retired to bed soon after 10pm ready for an early start next day. Sadly Myles had to return home on Saturday morning to work. Soon after 6am Saturday morning, Ray, Ian, Glen & Sandra, Horrie and the children and Trevor were all in the water with scoop nets at the ready. We scooped lots of crabs but most were undersized. Sadly legal sized crabs were very scarce! The score, Glen & Sandra 3, Horrie 2, Ian 2, Trevor 1. (If these figures are slightly wrong I apologise). I think Myles and I had caught them all beforehand. We caught 7 Thursday evening and 8 Friday morning.

While we were enjoying a late breakfast, George and Annice arrived to spend the day with us. Michael Schmidt and daughter, Saffia, arrived shortly after. They set up their tent and were soon in the water learning the art of crab scooping. Sometime later they appeared with one crab which sadly was just under size. So after giving it a kiss it was returned to the water.
After lunch the children were kept busy with a SCAVENGER HUNT for a couple of hours. First prize was eventually won by Saffia and Aleeya with Carlo and Jacob a very close second. All of them searched diligently to find 20 listed items. Well done kids!
While the children were searching, the adults were kept busy trying to decipher the jumbled WA towns displayed on 20 different colourful cards. This competition was won by Cherrill, with Bob & Jan and George close behind.

Nobody went scooping Saturday evening as the wind was too strong, so we all enjoyed a meal then spent the evening socialising. Once again it was off to bed earlyish, ready for morning crabbing.
Sunday morning, 6am, the same group headed off with their scoops and returned some time later with only 4 crabs between them. As far as crabs go the weekend was not very successful! But never-the –less we hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and we thank you all for coming along and tolerating the crowded situation.

Wendy & Trevor