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All vehicles to have adequate recovery points.
Trip leaders put a lot of effort into planning trips and making them enjoyable for members.

If you intend on coming along Please have the courtesy of letting the trip leader know beforehand.

Please support these people by attending their trips.

If you would like to run a trip that is not shown below please contact Trevor Harding (Trip Coordinator) to arrange a suitable day/weekend.

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Events (This Year)


Date Event Coordinator Details
28th - 29th July 2018 Christmas in July 2018 Glen & Sandra
2nd - 4th June 2018 4WD Gathering Event 2018 (Kalgoorlie) 4WD Association
20th May 2018 Ladies Day Sandra/Di/Liz
30th March - 2nd April 2018 (EASTER) Robs Tour of Helena/Aurora Ranges over Easter Rob Venables
25th - 29th April 2018 Salmon Run Fishing Trip 2018 Trevor & John Salmon_Run_Trip_Flyer__2018.pdf
14th - 15th April 2018 Beverly Farm Weekend 2018 Earle & Sue
17th - 18th March 2018 Peel/Armadale 4WD Club Night Adventure 2018 Trev H Peel-Armadale_Night_Adventure_Flyer_2018.pdf
3rd - 5th March 2018 Ledge Point Beach Clean-Up 2018 Andrew Phillips Ledge_Point_Clean_Up_Flyer_2018.pdf
2nd - 4th February 2018 The Great Crab Scoop 2018 Trev & Liz The_Big_Crab_Scoop_Flyer_2018.pdf
7th January 2018 Sand, Sun & Surf Andrew Phillips Sand_Sun_Surf_Flyer_2018.pdf

Previous Events


Date Event Coordinator Details
10th December 2017 Childrens Christmas Party 2017 Social Committee Kids_Christmas_Picnic_Flyer_2017.pdf
2nd - 3rd December 2017 Adults Christmas Party Social Committee Adults_Christmas_Function_-_Greenhills_2017.pdf
19th November 2017 4WD Show Visitor Day 2017 Trev Harding
10 -11 -12th Nov 2017 4WD Show Trevor Harding PERTH_4WD_Show_Flyer_2017.pdf
28th October 2017 Shack-Toberfest 2017 Annice & George Shack_-_toberfest_Flyer_2017_v2.pdf
Date to be advised shortly Mystery Trip ***(this trip has been postponed till further notice)**** Scott Brindley
14th - 15th Oct 2017 Captain Fawcett Busy Bee Weekend Scott Henderson Capt_Fawcett_Track_Flyer__Busy_Bee_Flyer_Oct_2017__V2_.pdf
24th Sept - 2nd Oct 2017 Landor Races 2017 Bob & Jan LANDOR_RACES_Flyer_2017.pdf
23rd - 25th September 2017 Wandering Hungi 2017 Pete & Dave Wandering_Hungi_Weekend_Flyer_2017.pdf
8th - 9th Sept 2017 & 10th -15th Sept 2017 Weekend Wildflower Wander & Wildflowers at Westonia 2017 *** (W/end) & (Week Long Trip)*** Annice & George Weekend_Wildflower_Wander___Wildflowers_at_Westonia__Flyer_2017_V2.pdf
2nd September 2017 Mundaring Power-Line Track Clean-Up 4WD Association
26th -27th August 2017 Back To School "50's & 60's Style" Trevor & Wendy Desmond BACK_TO_SCHOOL_Flyer_2017.pdf
23rd Sept - 1st Oct 2017 Challenge in Isolation Michael Schmidt Challenge_in_Isolation_Flyer_2017.pdf
12th August 2017 Presidents/Clubman Awards Night 2017 Social Committee Presidents-Clubman_Award_Flyer_2017.pdf
5th August 2017 Busy Bee (Kaarakin) Committee
29th - 30th July 2017 Christmas In July 2017 Sandra & Rob Christmas_in_July_Flyer_2017.pdf
8th - 9th July 2017 Harvey Trip Dave W
1st - 16th July 2017 Canning Stock Route Trip Michael Schmidt CSR___Rudall_River_Trip_Flyer_2017.pdf
17th June - Mid July 2017 Simpson Desert Trip (inc Birdsville BIG RED Bash 2017) Andrew Phillips Simpson_Desert_Trip_2017_Flyer__1_.pdf
17th - 18th June 2017 Camp-Out at Lake Brockman Trip Horrie Lake_Navarino_Trip_Flyer_2017__V2_.pdf
3rd - 4th - 5th June 2017 WA 4WDA Gathering Geraldton Social Committee The_WA4WDA_GATHERING_Flyer_2017.pdf
21st May 2017 Captain Fawcett Day Trip Pete & Judy Baker
6th May 2017 Trip Planning & Social Night Rob Venables Trip_Planning__Social_night_Flyer_2017.pdf
21st - 23rd April 2017 Nullabour Muster Eastern Goldfields 4WD Club ????
21st - 25th April 2017 Salmon Run Fishing Trip 2017 Trev & John Salmon_Run_Flyer_Trip___2017.pdf
14th - 17th April 2017 Rob's Southern Cross to Paynes Find Easter Trip Rob Venables Rob_s_Southern_Cross_Easter_Trip_2017.pdf
8th - 25th April 2017 Queen of the Desert Trip George & Annice Queen_of_the_Dessert_Flyer_2017.pdf
19th March 2017 Captain Fawcett "Club Working Day" Flyer 2017 John Padley Captain_Fawcett_Flyer_2017.pdf
4th - 5th - 6th March 2017 Ledge Point Clean-up Weekend 2017 Andrew Phillips Ledge_Point_Flyer_2017.pdf
18th February 2017 Gnangara Night Run Pete Perryman Gnangara__4wd_trip_Flyer_2017.pdf
11th -12th February 2017 Lake Indoon-Hill River Trip Rob Venables & Andrew Phillips Lake_Indoon_Hill_River_Flyer_2017.pdf
3rd - 5th February 2017 The Big Crab Scoop 2017 Trevor & Wendy Desmond The_Big_Crab_Scoop_Flyer_2017.pdf
8th January 2017 Sand Castle Building Competition Andrew & Lynette Sun_Surf_and_Sandcastles_Flyer_2017__V2_.pdf
11th December 2016 Childrens Christmas Party 2016 Social Committee Kids_Christmas_Party__Flyer_2016.pdf
7th December 2016 KABC Clean-up (no flyer, details to be sent out via email closer to the date) Andrew Phillips
4th December 2016 Trip Planning Meeting (next 6mths) Rob Venables trip_planning_meeting_Flyer__Nov_2016_.pdf
26th November 2016 Adults Christmas Party 2016 Social Committee Adults_Christmas_Party_Flyer_2016__Hawaiian_.pdf
20th November 2016 4WD Show Visitor Day 2016 Rob Venables
11th - 13th November 2016 Perth 4WD Show Stand Rob Venables PERTH_4WD_Show_Flyer_2016.pdf
9th November 2016 KABC Clean-up (no flyer, details to be sent out via email closer to the date) Andrew Phillips
9th October 2016 Kaarakin Busy Bee 2016 Jan Hankinson Kaarakin_busy_bee_Flyer_2016.pdf
9th - 10th - 11th September 2016 Wandering Hungi 2016 Dave & Pete Wandering_Hungi_Weekend_Flyer_2016.pdf
23rd September 2016 Chasing The Wildflowers Trip Bob & Jan CHASING_THE_WILDFLOWERS_Flyer_2016.pdf
6th August 2016 Presidents Awards Night 2016 Social Committee Presidents_Award_night_Flyer_2016.pdf
3rd September 2016 Ladies Day 2016 Sandra & Glen McDougall Ladies_DayFlyer_2016.pdf
10th July 2016 Mundaring Powerlines Trip Andrew Phillips Mundaring_Powerlines_Flyer_July_2016.pdf
18th - 19th June 2016 Nifty Fifty Weekend Andrew Phillips Andrew_s__Nifty_50__flyer_2016.pdf
3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th June 2016 The WA4WDA Gathering at Albany Jan Hankinson Albany_Gathering_Flyer_2016.pdf
14th - 15th May 2016 Pumphreys Bridge Quiz Nite Armadale/Peel 4WD Clubs Combined Pumpphreys_Bridge_quiz_night_2016.pdf
1st May 2016 Captain Fawcett Club Working Day John Padley Capt_Fawcett_Track_Flyer__Busy_Bee__1st_May__2016.pdf
22nd-25th April 2016 The Salmon Run Fishing Trip 2016 Trevor & John Salmon_Run_Flyer_Trip___2016_V2.pdf
8th - 10th April 2016 Beverley Farm Trip 2016 Earle & Susan Beverley_Farm_Weekend_Flyer__April_2016__V2.pdf
25th - 28th March 2016 (Easter) Holland Track Rob V & Andrew P Holland_Track_flyer_2016.pdf
25th - 28th March 2016 (Easter) Helena & Aurora Range Trip Peter & Judy B Helena__Aurora_ranges_2016_flyer.pdf
23rd - 26th March 2016 Queen of the Desert Festival George & Annice Queen_of_the_Desert_flyer_2016.pdf
4th - 7th March 2016 Ledge Point Clean up Weekend 2016 Dave W Ledge_Point_Flyer_2016.pdf
21st February 2016 Captain Fawcett Working Bee (TRIP HAS BEEN CANCELLED) John Padley Capt_Fawcett_Working_Bee_Flyer__Feb_2016___cancelled_.pdf
8th - 10th January 2016 The Big Crab Scoop 2016 Trev & Liz The_Big_Crab_Scoop_2016_Flyer.pdf
3rd January 2016 Sand Sun & Surf Day 2016 Andrew & Lynette Sand_Sun__Surf__Flyer_2016.pdf
13th December 2015 Childrens Christmas Party 2015 Social Committee Kids_Christmas_Party_2015_-__V2__change_of_date.pdf
28th November 2015 Adults Christmas Party Social Committee Adults_Christmas_Party_flyer_-_Draft__2_.pdf
15th November 2015 4WD Show Visitor Day 2015 Trevor H 4WD_Show_Vistor_Day_Trip_2015_V2.pdf
6th-8th November 2015 Perth 4WD Show Rob Venables
25th October 2015 Working Man/Ladies Day 2015 Liz & Trevor Working_Mans-LADIES_DAY_2015_flyer__V2.pdf
18th October 2015 Social Lunch Sunday Di & Dennis M Sunday_Social_Lunch_Flyer_2015.pdf
3rd -4th -5th October 2015 Landor Races 2015 George & Annice Landor_Races_Flyer__Part_1___2___web_version_.pdf
27th Sept - 1st Oct 2015 Pipeline Challenge 2015 Andrew Phillips
25th - 28th September 2015 Helena & Aurora Range Trip Peter & Judy B Helena___aurora_Rangres_flyer_2015__v3_.pdf
11th - 13th September 2015 Wandering Hungi Weekend Dave & Peter Hungi_Flyer_2015.pdf
22nd - 23rd August 2015 Exploring Harvey Dave W Exploring_Harvey_Flyer_2015.pdf
15th August 2015 2015 Clubman/Presidents Awards Night Social Committee President_s_Dinner_2015_Flyer.pdf
25th -26th July 2015 Kaarakin Training Day Committee Training_Day_Flyer_July_2015.pdf
4th - 11th July 2015 Mt Augustus & Kingsford Smith Mail Run Track Trev & Liz Mt_Augustus_Trip_Flyer_2015__V1_.pdf
18th - 21st June 2015 Mordulup Farm Flyer 2015 (Farmer Mark) Bob Smith Blaze_Aid_Flyer_2015___Farmer_Mark__V2.pdf
14th June 2015 Kaarakin Clean-Up Day Committee Kaarakin_Clean_up_Flyer_2015.pdf
30th May - 1st June 2015 Beverley Clean-Up & Trip Planning Day Earle & Susan Beverley_Farm_Trip_Flyer_2015.pdf
16th - 17th May 2015 Captain Fawcett Track Working Bee John Padley CAPTAIN_FAWCETT_TRACK_WORKING_BEE_Flyer_2015__1st_trip_.pdf
24th - 27th April 2015 The Salmon Run Fishing Trip 2015 (TRIP 2) Trev H Salmon_Run_Flyer_Trip_2__2015__V3_.pdf
27th 29th March 2015 The Salmon Run Fishing Trip 2015 (TRIP 1) Trev & John Salmon_Run_Flyer_Trip_1_2015__V1_.pdf
13th - 16th March 2015 Margaret River Weekend Bob & Jan MARGARET_RIVER_WEEKEND_Flyer_2015.pdf
27th Feb - 2nd March 2015 Ledge Point Beach Clean-Up Weekend Trev & Liz Ledge_Point_2015_Flyer.pdf
7th February 2015 Gnangara Night Run (TRIP CANCELLED DUE TO FIRE & VEHICLE MOVEMENT BANS IN THE AREA) Pete Perryman Gnangara_Night_Run_2015_Flyer_V2.pdf
24th - 26th Jan 2015 Australia Day Long Weekend (THIS IS A FREE WEEKEND STILL) Looking for someone to run a trip....
9th - 11th January 2015 The Great Crap Scoop 2015 Trev & Liz H The_Big_Crab_Scoop_2015_Flyer.pdf
4th January 2015 Sand-Sun-Surf Day Trip Andrew & Lynette Sand_Sun___Surf_2015_Flyer.pdf
7th December 2014 Kids Christmas Party 2014 Social Committee KIDS_Xmas_Party_Flyer_2014.pdf
6th - 7th December 2014 Robbo's Fishing Trip Rob Venables Rob_fishing_trip_Flyer_2014_v2.pdf
29th November 2014 Adults Christmas Party 2014 Social Committee Christmas_at_Beverley_Flyer_2014_V2.pdf
23rd November 2014 Ledge Point Day Trip & Visitor Day Mal Winwood & Trev H Ledge_Point___4WD_Visitor_Day_Trip_Flyer_2014.pdf
15th - 16th November 2014 Bush Dance 2014 Weekend Social Committee Bush_Dance_Flyer_2014_v3.pdf
7th - 9th November 2014 Perth 4WD Show TBA
30th Oct - 2nd November 2014 The Festival of Country Gardens Annice & George Garden_festival_flyer_2014.pdf
26th October 2014 Wilbinga Beach Day Trip Mal Winwood Wilbinga_Beach_Flyer_2014.pdf
19th October 2014 Ladies Day 2014 Trev & Liz H LADIES_DAY_Flyer_2014_V2.pdf
10th -12th October 2014 Oxfam Trail Walker Andrew P & Ray H Oxfam_Trailwalker_2014_Flyer.pdf
27th - 29th September 2014 Mals Long Weekend Adventure 2014 Mal Winwood Mals_Long_Weekend_Adventure_4WD_Trip_2014.pdf
20th September 2014 Kaarakin Busy Bee Committee
13th - 14th September 2014 Night Navigation Event Peel 4WD Club 2014_Night_Navigation_Info__unlocked_.pdf
29th - 31st August 2014 Wandering Hungi Weekend Dave W Hungi_Flyer_2014.pdf
22nd - 28th August 2014 Wildflower Trip (ALL VISITORS FOR THIS TRIP PLEASE CONTACT TRIP LEADER ASAP FOR CONFIRMATION OF ATTENDANCE...) Trevor & Wendy wildflower_flyer_v4.pdf
16th August 2014 30th Anniversary Celebration Social Committee 4WD_30th_anniversary_Flyer_2014.pdf
27th July 2014 Robs 4WD Adventure Rob V & Trev H Robs_Mystery_Day_Run__Flyer_2014__v3_.pdf
11th - 13th July 2014 Dowerin 4WD Gathering Social Committee Dowerin_Flyer_2014_v2.pdf
10th May 2014 Mal's Gnangara Night Adventure 2014 Mal Winwood Mals_Gnangara_Night_Adventure_2014_Flyer.pdf
3rd - 4th May 2014 Pumphries Bridge Quiz Nite Andrew & Lynette Pumphries_Bridge_Quiz_Night_Flyer_2014__3_x_flyers__v3.pdf
18th - 21st April 2014 Denmark Easter Trip TBA Easter_Trip_Flyer_Peel-Armadale_2014.pdf
11th - 13th April 2014 The Salmon Run 2014 Trevor & John 4WD_Club_Salmon_Run_2014_Flyer_v1.pdf
22nd - 23rd March 2014 Dowerin Weekend TBA Dowerin_Weekend_Flyer_2014.pdf
20th - 24th March 2014 Caravan & Camping Show 2014 FYI
1st March - 3rd March 2014 Ledge Point Beach Clean-up/Camping Weekend Andrew & Lynette Ledge_Point_Clean_Up_Flyer_2014.pdf
15th-16th February 2014 Exploring Harvey Off Road Weekend Dave Whittaker Exploring_Harvey_Trip_Flyer_2014.pdf
9th February 2014 Captain Fawcett Track Adoption Reccie John Padley Captain_Fawcett_Track_Flyer_2014.pdf
10th - 12th January 2014 The Great Crab Scoop (Herron Point) 2014 Trev & Liz H. The_Big_Crab_Scoop_2014_Flyer_v2.pdf
5th January 2014 Sand-Sun-Surf Flyer 2014 Andrew & Lynette P Sand_Sun__Surf_flyer__v3_.pdf
8th December 2013 Kids Christmas Party 2013 Social Committee Kids_Christmas_Party_flyer_2013.pdf
1st December 2013 Trip Planning Meeting Committee/Peter P.
30th November 2013 Adults Christmas Party 2013 (Goomalling) Social Committee Adults_Christmas_Flyer_2013.pdf
17th November 2013 Gnangara Day Trip Peter P. Gnangara_2013_flyer.pdf
8th -9th -10th November 2013 Perth 4WD Show (Macallum Park) Committee Perth_4WD_Show_Flyer_2013.pdf
26th - 27th October 2013 Quairading Weekend George & Annice H. Quairading_2013_Flyer__v2_.pdf
26th - 27th October 2013 Dowerin Associaction Gathering Andrew P Dowerin_4WD_Gathering_Flyer_v3.pdf
5th October 2013 Landcruiser 4WD Club Kaarakin Clean-up Landcruiser 4WD Club
28th - 30th September 2013 September Mystery Long Weekend Trip George & Annice H. Mystery_September_Long_Weekend_Trip_Flyer_2013.pdf
13th - 15th September 2013 Wandering Hungi Weekend Dave W. & Peter P. Hungi_Flyer_2013.pdf
6th Sept - 10th Sept 2013 Granite Loop Wildflower Tour Trevor & Wendy Wildflower-Granite_loop_Flyer_2013.pdf
25th August 2013 Eastern Suburbs Kaarakin Clean-up Eastern Suburbs 4WD Club
10th August 2013 Presidents Awards Night Social Committee Presidents_Nite_flyer_2013.pdf
3rd - 4th August 2013 Kokerbin Rock Cookout Weekend Dave W. Kokerbin_Rock_Flyer_2013.pdf
14th July 2013 Mundaring Power Line Day Trip Trevor & Liz Mundaring_Powerlines_Flyer_2013_v2.pdf
16th June 2013 Armadale 4WD Club Kaarakin Clean-up Committee Busy_Bee_Flyer_Kaarakin.pdf
19th May 2013 Trip Planning Day Committee/Peter P. Trip_Planning_Flyer_May_2013.pdf
18th - 19th May 2013 Pumphries Bridge Quiz Nite (inter-club event) Social Committee
12th - 14th April 2013 2013 Salmon Run Fishing Trip Trev & John 4WD_Club_Salmon_Run_2013_Flyer_v4.pdf
29th March - 1st April 2013 Easter Getaway at Denmark Trev & Liz H. Easter_Getaway_2013_Flyer__v2_.pdf
28th March - 1st April 2013 Easter Hyden Races Peter P. Hyden_Humps_Flyer_2013_.pdf
1st - 4th March 2013 Ledge Point Beach Clean-up Weekend John & Andrea P Ledge_Point_2013_Flyer__use_this_one_.pdf
11th - 13th January 2013 The Great Crab Scoop (Herron Point) Trevor & Elizabeth The_Big_Crab_Scoop_2013_Flyer.pdf
6th January 2013 New Years Day Trip Andrew P. New_Years_Get_Together_Flyer_2013.pdf
28th December 2012 NSW for New Year Trip Bob & Jan S.
9th December 2012 Kids Christmas Party Social Committee Kids_Christmas_Party_Flyer_2012.pdf
1st - 2nd December 2012 Adults Christmas Party Social Committee Adults_Xmas_Party_Flyer_2012.pdf
17th - 18th November 2012 Boddington Bushdance Social Committee Bush_Dance_Flyer_2012_ver_3.pdf
9th - 11th November 2012 4WD Show Armadale 4WD Club
21st October 2012 Powerlines Clean-up 4WD Association powerlines_flyer_2012.pdf
20th October 2012 Kelmscott Show Social Committee Kelmscott_Annual_Show_Flyer_2012.pdf
13th - 14th October 2012 Wandering Hungi & Trip Planning (GACO) Dave & Cath & Pete Hungi_Flyer_2012.pdf
2nd - 5th October Tin Horse Highway & Holland Track Dave & Cath Holland_track_trip_flyer_2012.pdf
29th Sept - 1st Oct 2012 Warriedar & Wildflowers Trevor & Elizabeth Warriedar_Trip_Flyer_v2_2012.pdf
29th Sept - 1st Oct 2012 Hyden Humps Off Road Racing Rod M. Hyden_Humps_Flyer_2012.pdf
9th September 2012 Busy Bee Kaarakin Armadale 4WD Club Kaarakin_Busy_Bee_Flyer_2012.pdf
4th August 2012 Presidents Awards Night Social Committee Presidents_Awards_Nite_Flyer_2012.pdf
1st July 2012 Wilbinga Clean Up Trackcare
Amazing Race ************** PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE************ Trev & Liz Amazing_Race_Flyer_2.1_2012.pdf
16th - 17th June 2012 Exploring Harvey Trip Dave & Cath Exploring_Harvey_Trip_Flyer_2012.pdf
18th - 20th May 2012 Salmon Run Fishing Trip Trev & John 4WD_Club_Salmon_Run_2012_Flyer__2_.pdf
5th - 6th May 2012 Highland Games & Trip Planning Meeting (Wandering) George & Annice H. 4X4_HIGHLAND_GAMES_flyer_2012.pdf
21st - 22nd April 2012 Harvey Night Run Dave W. Harvey_Night_Run_2012..pdf
** TRIP ATTENDANCE FORM ** ** TRIP ATTENDANCE FORM 2013/2014 ** Peter Perryman 4WD_Club_Trip_Attendance__Form_2013.pdf
### CODE OF ETHICS & CONVOY PROCEDURE ## ## CODE OF ETHICS & CONVOY PROCEDURE ## Trip Coordinator Armadale_4WD_Club_Code_of__Ethics___Convoy_Procedure_2013__twin_page_view_.pdf
5th October 2014 (TBC) SIDS For Kids Convoy 2014 Andrew & Lynette
2nd September 2017 Mundaring Power-Line Track Clean-Up 4WD Association